Who Is Tiakeysha Ellison

Tiakeysha Ellison was born and raised in Orlando Florida.  She is a woman of many talents. She jumped out on faith with the vision of teaching the world on the importance of good personal/business credit, financial freedom, and becoming their own boss. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to credit, finances, marketing, and being an Entrepreneur.  She launched Tiakeysha Ellison Financial Services , and wrote a DIY credit repair book titled "Credit Dreamz"  which is available on Amazon. She has changed the lives of many, known and unknown. Tiakeysha has helped many families become first time homeowners, and purchase cars, and get credit cards with very low APR rates. 

Tiakeysha's purpose is to learn as much as she can, and to guide and teach others along the way. Her DIY teachable guides were created just for that.

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TE Co | Academy

Launch That Business

Tiakeysha created Tiakeysha Ellison Co | Academy to help entrepreneurs worldwide become successful. Her eight week virtual training course "Launch That Business" includes how to start a credit repair, tax, and notary business. It also includes business structuring, 4-6 streams of income, marketing, automation, outsourcing, website building,  and so much more.


"How To Build, And Leverage Business Credit."

Tiakeysha teaches business owners how to build and leverage business credit via a 2 hour live zoom session. She teaches them how to structure their business to get business trade lines and funding. Also how to get government contracts, purchase cars, and homes under their business name ONLY using their business EIN.

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Student Reviews 

Tiakeysha Ellison Co


When I say she dropped so much knowledge in our one on one today. If you’re not following her or doing business with her you’re missing out. I started doing business with her a year and a half ago. First to work on my personal credit. Now we're working on my business credit. She gave me more than what was needed.

Victoria Jones



Business credit class was awesome. I highly recommend signing up and getting started ASAP very informative on all aspects of starting your business

Nia Manning